avgust 02, 2012

House and work

It has been a while since I last wrote here. And it seems I just can`t find enough time to keep you informed on this sites about our lives.
Last year was a really chaotic one. I have started my own business. I work and live the life I adore. I have a dog-hotel. All the dogs who are staying with us, are living with us in a house. So if you will ever need our favour feel free to contact us on ivana.kirik@gmail.com . For now we have no pictures of our place, but soon we will make them and put them to this site.
I have really started to enjoy living in our house, but there is sooo much to do on our place - almost has to be done outside. But we are doing it with love and it`s a pleasure when it`s done.
Last year we had to say goodbye to our oldie Pina - it`s still very painful and we still miss her sooo much. Other dogs are feeling OK.

februar 15, 2011

Agility is fun

A lot of things happened since I last wrote on my blog.
I think the most important thing is that we moved from city to the countryside - into a house, our house is surrounded with forrests and huge meadows to walk with my dogs and enjoy every second of our lives.
I have a new croatian sheepdog - her name is RO, which is over a year old now, and finally I started to teach (at least one of my dogs) running contacts. For now it looks very easy and nice. If you don`t believe, watch out this video:

I will keep you informed about our progress :)

oktober 11, 2009


It has been quite a while since I last wrote on my blog, but I promise I will do that more regulary. So many things happened in my life and it has been a very busy 3/4 of year - and it doesn`t look like last part of the year will be even more busy.
In May we have moved into a little house, 30 km outside of Ljubljana, and are really enjoying living in nature, having long walks in the woods, or just enjoying our day on our big terase. I can`t believe how much easier and cosier is living in house, with a big garden. That was the bigest thing that happened to us this year. We were without internet for some time, but we managed to solve this problem, and now we are connected to world. I can`t wait for winter and snow...
And the other, also big thing, is that my daughter Maja, started with school - she is in 1st grade, and I hope she`ll start to enjoy in school someday...
I would like to share with you some new photos of Graa - photos were taken by Borut (he`s also owner and big fan of croatian sheepdogs) - Thank you Borut !!!!

december 31, 2008

Srečno 2009 / Happy 2009

We wish you all happy and successfull year 2009 !!!!!!
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november 06, 2008

Dog books

Two years ago I have bought a dog book and now I finally have some time to read it. And I enjoy it. It`s nothing new, just well known things. With this new puppy school group I have, I need to know more and more, many ways of explaining things, why do they work.
In this book I found some basic knowledgments, more about book you can find here ::

I have some more dog books I would like to read. And I hope in next months I will find some more time to do that.
I have also started with target training today. I have to find somebody to videotape me. I had so much fun with my little Boom - in just one session he knew how to lift his left legs. As I started laughing to him, his action was more and more energetic. Very fun.

november 01, 2008


Today I was thinking how much I like autumn, but just sunny autumn days, with magnificent colours in nature. You can`t see so much differnet colours nowhere else but in nature. And I enjoy every sunny autumn day outside, with my daughter and dogs.

Two days ago we had such a beautiful day I just couldn`t resist going out, with my camera, and try to get some nice photos. I think I made some nice photos of Pina - I could say my oldie in her autumn. For sure she is my favourite object to take photos off, she is so fotogenic (and she really iknoiwws how to stay still, untill I take photo or two or three ......). I also like taking pictures of Toy - he always has smile on his face, no mather what he`s doing (walking around, doing agility, catching balls or just sleeping).
We also found a mushroom and made some photos of it. I`m publishing just best of them.

oktober 30, 2008

October 2008

So many things happened in October, and I didn't have any time to write about them. Huh.
Here are just short notes about everything.
11th and 12th October: I was attending an obedience seminar given by Mia Skogster (the first person who got 100 points in obedience ever). And I must admit I was pretty impresed by her, her work and by her self-disciplin most. I think she has a special gift, she can "read" every dog in just minute or even less. And she always has some idea about solving problem. She gave me some good ideas for making our big (I`m talking about my obedience with Gra) turns smaller and tighter - and I think +it`s working already.
17th October: I was on agility compeition, and made a second exam (for A2) with my little precious boy Boomi. It seems he`s coming back after that heavy fall on European open, he is getting more and more confident again. My crazy oldie Toy was third in A3 class. I was also running with Eni and Gra, but have no good result with them.
Boom - his second exam in A1

I have started a new puppy group in dog school, and I'm looking forward to work with them. I also have a new assistant in this classes, and I'm very happy that she decided to join and help me.
I'm also making some new video of dog tricks, but you'll have to be bit more patient for that.
And I also have one big news, but more about that next time. Some of you already know about my dreams, and that they are finally coming true. You'll know everything in next month.